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Pogba Shirt Raises £600

The Paul Pogba shirt donated by Manchester United raised £600 with the eventual winner being a serial collector with links to the Centre.

Gordon McIntosh has a son who visited the Centre for audiology appointments as a chaild and has always been grateful for the help he recieved. Motivated by this, (and competition within the office to secure the most interesting signed shirt) he was quick to put in the top bid.

Mark Bowman, of Dundas Street Framers also saw the post on social media and having a deaf relative, also wanted to help. He framed the shirt and certificate, for free, saving almost £200 for a truely professional job.

Fundraising Co-ordinator Lynne Frail said:

“We are bowled over with the success of the auction, the first time we have tried something like this and for the generosity of Gordon and Mark. We can’t forget Manchester United of course, it is brilliant that we had a shirted, signed by Paul Pogba, the world’s most expensive player, donated to our charity. Thank you so much, it means a lot to us and the Centre Users.”

You can see more of Mark’s work by following @Dundasframers on Twitter and Instagram.

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