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New Welfare Rights Drop-in with AoHL

Action on Hearing Loss are launching a new, Welfare Rights drop in service at Forth Valley Sensory Centre. Taking place each Wednesday from 12:30pm to 3pm the sessions offer advice on a wide range of common welfare questions.

Action on Hearing Loss welfare advice can help with universal credit, Personal Independence Payment (PIP – the replacement for Disability Living Allowance) and everything else from Atrtendance Allowance to employment rights and Job Seekers Allowance.

Welfare Subjects include:

  • New claims
  • Understanding letters
  • Housing issues
  • Appeals and suspensions
  • Disability benefits and grants
  • Changes to circumstances

In addition, Aciton on Hearing Loss have a resource area here at the Centre, where members of the public can come along and try out equipment to help them with their hearing before they buy, as well as recieving advice from a trained volunteer. The resource area drop-in is open from 10am to 12pm most Wednesdays (call to confirm if making a special or long journey).

Also based within Forth Valley Sensory Centre is the ‘Moving On’ service for young people, leaving school and looking for employment, who happen to have hearing loss, including D/deaf people.

For more information on the Welfare Rights sessions,please contact 07741 164 095 or

For the Moving On service, contact 0141 341 5330 (telephone), 0141 341 5350 (textphone) or email

You can find more information about Action on Hearing Loss on our website here.

Action on Hearing Loss Welfare Rights Drop in poster


One response to “New Welfare Rights Drop-in with AoHL”

  1. Yousef says:

    It has to be universal for it to have any chance of working. Clever use taxation system could claw much back. Has to be able to provide minimum standard of living. I don”t see it as welfare but something that props up capitalism. The welfare system we have now actually discourages people at the bottom from working. I believe that not many would want more than the payment gives them. To be able to work without having a penalty attached allows more to better themselves. Government would be smaller. No need for welfare or pensions.

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