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Knit one chat one knitting group!

Knit and natter has been one of our runaway success groups from the first half of the year and if you join in you’ll understand why!

Some say that there is more nattering than knitting and the group does seem to be fuelled by tea, coffee and snacks, however, that shouldn’t take away from what has become a great story.

Taking place fortnightly on Monday at 12:30 with the next one this coming Monday (19th June) the group counts BSL speakers, deaf people, hard of hearing, blind and partially sighted as members. A BSL interpreter is on hand to aid conversation.

At present, the group are making blankets and baby clothes for two different charities. The first is offering a ‘Gift of Warmth’ to refugees and people in need in Africa. The other is Simba a charity in Edinburgh who work with people who have lost a baby at birth. They also knit dishcloths which are on sale from reception for just £1.50!

Group members said that one of the best things was the mix of people involved; “We love the fact that there are deaf people and blind people and everything in between here. Having the interpreter makes a huge difference and allows us to just talk like any other group of friends.”

The group has been particularly good for a number of the blind members, with Lawson commenting: “I used to love knitting but gave up when I lost my sight. Then, more recently I began to ask myself why I stopped. I can still knit, I just need to approach it in a different way.

“Losing my sight isn’t a barrier to doing things, I just need to find a new approach to things.”

Another group member, Christine, has been knitting since age seven and started after she lost her sight. She said: “I have braille patterns and I have always enjoyed knitting. It is very relaxing, especially this group because of all the conversation, but I know knitting is one of those activities which has been shown to be good for mental health, I would certainly agree with that!”

The group is open to new members and there is just a small £1.50 charge to cover tea coffee and biscuits. Wool and needles not provided but a good welcome, helpful advice and instruction, plus lots of conversation is all included!

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