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David’s Recipes

David has been at the Centre for 10 years and is our resident cook. Each day, David, who is registered blind, spends his morning preparing our daily hot specials and his delicious soups to his own recipes.

Here, David takes us behind the scenes into his kitchen here at the Centre and shows us how he creates his culinary magic!

Pasta Bolognaise (serves 4)


500g Lean beef mince

Chopped tinned tomatoes or Passata  

White or red onion

One large red pepper

Garlic (fresh or powder)

Oregano or Basil

Black pepper to season

250g Pasta (your choice)

Grated cheese


Method (sauce):

Dice the onion

Cut pepper into small rectangles (around 1 to 2 cm in length)

Brown the mince in a pan over a low heat

Add the pepper and onion once brown

Drain off the excess oil using a sieve and a plastic bowl or other container*

Add the tomato puree and/or passata/chopped tomatoes and mix in well

Add the oregano/basil and garlic. Leave to simmer

Add black pepper to season if required


Method (pasta):

First, David suggests setting your water to boil while chopping your vegetables

Cook the pasta in some boiling water until al dente (around 10 minutes usually)

Drain and refresh in cold water

Drain again and add the bolognaise mix

Simmer gently until cooked

Serve with garlic bread or top with cheese like Scottish Cheddar or Italian hard cheese





*Do not drain oil down the sink. Please dispose of used oil or cooking grease responsibly. It is actually an offence to pour them down the drain! You can read more on this from Scottish Water

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