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Stamp collection handed in

Forth Valley Sensory Centre recieved a fascinating gift this morning, a stamp collection with some very old stamps from around the world.

The stamp collection had apparently been in a loft for a number of years and includes stamps from the USA, India, Australia and Europe.

We are currently looking for a philatelist or someone interested in philately, to have a look and make sure there isn’t anything amazingly valuable in there!

For the uninitiated, philately is the study of stamps and while a philatelist might not be a collector, they often can be. We are hoping that someone local will be able to pop in and cast an expert eye over the large number of stamps we have handed in.

Most are not filed in any order although, some are stuck in books. It might not be a simple task to sort through this stamp collection!

If you would be able to help us, contact us on email or by giving us a ring on 01324 590 888 and we’ll be delighted to hear from you!

Part of the stamp collection handed into the Centre
Part of the stamp collection handed into the Centre

2 responses to “Stamp collection handed in”

  1. Bruce Petrie says:

    Hi, I am a stamp collector living in Stenhousemuir and former president of the Falkirk stamp club. I do have catalogues if I can help.

  2. Martin Allen says:

    That would be brilliant. It’s a right mix of ages and countries. We don’t want to recycle them if they are things people want to collect! Can you email and we’ll get something set up!

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