Forth Valley Sensory Centre

Sighted Guides

Our eventual aim is to have a number of sighted guides available for Centre users to call on if they need help visiting new locations for the first time or are concerned about a place which may not be as accessible to visually impaired people as it should be.

Sighted guiding is not always straightforward. Each individual is, by definition different, don’t assume they need help but don’t be afraid to offer assistance!

The following video from RNIB shows how a guide can help and explains why assistance might (or might not) be needed.

If you are interested in volunteering please see our volunteering page here for more information. If you would like to take part in sighted guide training, perhaps to ensure you have staff members able to correctly assist visually impaired visitors, then please contact us to register interest.


Five top tips for guiding a visually impaired or partially sighted person


1. Say who you are and offer help, communicate clearly and listen to the person’s request (they will confirm if they want assistance).

2.  Ask where and how the person would like to be guided.

3.  Allow the person to take your arm, rather than you holding theirs.

4. Say if you’re approaching steps (and whether they go up or down), kerbs or hazards.

5. Say when you have finished providing assistance and are leaving the person.

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