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Ramble Tag wins Braveheart Plaudits

The first of the new, weekly Braveheart Walks from Forth Valley Sensory Centre had some special guests, Tom Forthsyth and Laura Maclean, inventors of the Ramble Tag!

For those unaware, the Ramble Tag is a device to make it easier for those with sight loss to enjoy walks with a sighted guide. The concept came about after Laura and Tom noted that walking with their large dogs (including retired Guide Dog Mr Finn) meant maintaining the traditional ‘C grip’ at the elbow wasn’t always easy.

The close neighbours, then developed a concept and invested their own money in making the design a reality. Having been loaned an early prototype of the Ramble Tag by The Alliance. We (the Centre), were keen to give the device a real test and invited Tom and Laura along to gather feedback from our first weekly, Braveheart Walk.

This is a walk which is open to all but attracts many of our Blind and Partially Sighted Centre Users because of the safe routes, flat pathways and ease of getting to the Centre. This was a chance for different people to try out the Ramble Tag with their sighted guides and give their instant review, good or bad!

Tom commented:

“We know the Ramble Tag isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer the close contact of the traditional grip and that’s fine. There might be occasions where that suits best too. However, the majority of people who try our invention love it. It provides a comfortable grip point for the visually impaired person and allows improved continuity of connection.”

Ramble Tag the Kiltwalk?

The response from those on the Braveheart Walk was incredibly positive. One walker suggested it would be perfect for next year’s Kiltwalk event.

Registrations for 2019 Kiltwalks are now open. The first one kicks off in Glasgow in April 2019 and the last Kiltwalk is in Edinburgh on 15th September. We will pay your entry fee for the event and supply you with one of our nifty Forth Valley Sensory Centre t-shirts! Ramble Tags by negociation!

You can read more of Tom and Laura’s story and order your Ramble Tag through the kickstarter site here

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