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More awards for John Ormsby!

The outstanding efforts of John Ormsby, a Forth Valley Sensory Centre-based volunteer supporting local people with hearing loss has been recognised by a national charity.

John Ormsby from Polmont was presented with Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s national ‘Passion in Action’ award for the time and care he takes when explaining to people with hearing loss how assistive equipment, such as amplified telephones, door bells and personal listeners, can improve their everyday lives.

On receiving his award, John, a former engineer who has hearing loss himself, said: “I am delighted to have received this award as I enjoy volunteering for Action on Hearing Loss Scotland and supporting other people with hearing loss to make informed decisions about using assistive equipment that best meets their individual needs.

“As a hearing aid user myself, I know it can sometimes still be a struggle to hear everything that is going on around you, but there is a wide range of technology available these days and it’s very satisfying speaking with people about which equipment can help them to hear their television, telephone or conversations more clearly.”

Teri Devine, Director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, said: “John Ormsby has shown a great aptitude for patiently presenting details about equipment in a simple and easy to understand way for people who have hearing loss visiting Forth Valley Sensory Centre.

“John truly thoroughly deserves to have his dedicated volunteering and life-changing support for hundreds of people across Forth Valley recognised by this award. We hope John enjoys his celebrations and reflects on how his wonderful volunteering has had such positive impacts on the everyday lives of so many people.”

For details about volunteering for Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, email:

John was recently awarded a ‘Hero of Falkirk’ medal by Provost Buchanan following his completion of 4000 hours volunteer service here at the Centre.

You can read more about John’s volunteering, including what got him started and what he gets from it on the Volunteer Scotland website as part of Volunteer’s Week 2018.

John Ormsby recieves his 'Passion in Action' Award from Action on Hearing Loss Scotland Director, Teri Devine

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