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Lawson scoops Writing Rammy Award

Centre User and poet Lawson Eades, was one of the winners at Falkirk Community Trust’s annual ‘Writing Rammy’ with her ‘highly commended’ entry – Stuck for Words.

Those of us who know Lawson will know this isn’t a phrase often attached to one of our favourite speakers! Lawson delivered another rousing and inspirational talk on living with sight loss to Larbert Ladies group earlier in October but chose writers’ block as her subject for the Writing Rammy.

Stuck for Words
By Mrs Lawson R Eades

I heard about the “Writing Rammy”
fingers tremble, hands are clammy
Not because I am uptight
simply that I like to write
I’m itching to put pen to paper
write a poem, Oh what a caper
Firstly, I must have a theme
can’t think of one, so it would seem
I’d like to write with rhyming words
while in the garden with the birds
What must I do to get inspired
this thinking lark makes me feel tired
I need to give my mind a shoogle
or get some good ideas from Google
Take a walk to Grahamston Station
that might give me inspiration
Ride with grandson on a train
maybe activate my brain
Does the topic really matter
as long as there’s a bit of patter
Must not moan about the weather
or mention bonny purple heather
Could write about my love of books
or making things with crochet hooks
There’s always gardening, pretty flowers
sunny days and April showers
Food for thought, have tea and cake
or coffee and a nice tray bake
That may help me contemplate
being stuck for words can’t be my fate
Truth be told, it’s fair to say
it’s been a struggle to write today
Perhaps I’m trying way to hard
to be the next great “Scottish Bard”
Fingers crossed, soon words will flow
perhaps still have a way to go
My poetry is incomplete
should I just admit defeat
Must not quit, will get brain working
somewhere there’s a poem lurking
Positive thoughts have made me see
lots of words are there for me
Just need to fit them all together
fill the page with written blether
Sometime later in front of me
a poem on the page I see
In future I must never doubt
there is a poem to come out
Don’t want to be Burns or Jacquie Kay
just like to have fun, when with words I play
Mission accomplished, poem complete
now I’m feeling quite upbeat
To Falkirk Libraries now I’ll send
Relieved this poem has reached its end.

Despite her sight loss, Lawson’s Writing Rammy poem is full of colour and imagination. It highlights her love of books and stories, Lawson is a member of our reading group with Falkirk Libraries as well as an independent traveller as her poem suggests. As well as the highly commended award, Lawson also received an Amazon Voucher from local writer Helen MacKinven.

We’re sure you’ll agree, this poem fills the reader with glee. Maybe Lawson will do signed copies for a fee?

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