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Below is a transcript of the audio from the BSL welcome video. Please note that the audio is much shorter than the overall video length as the audio is not a direct translation of the BSL. As such, the below is a transcript of the audio (available by clicking in the bottom right corner of the video) and not the BSL.


Forth Valley Sensory Centre is a community hub which offers support, advice, practical help and social opportunities for individuals, groups and the families of people with a sensory impairment who live in the Forth Valley area.

The objective of Forth Valley Sensory Centre is to help people with a sensory impairment to live as independent a life as possible.

The Centre has been providing a wide range of services since 2006. Over 300 people per week visit the Centre to access one or more of it’s services

These services include:
Statutory Social work services and rehabilitation support  provided by Falkirk and Stirling Council

RNIB Scotland provide a Resource Centre and Advice Plus service for people with a visual impairment

Action on Hearing Loss provide a Resource Base and help and advice for people with a hearing impairment who are seeking employment

NHS Forth Valley provide audiology and low vision clinics.  NHS Forth Valley Disability Team provide guidance and support on matters relating to health, disability and interpreting services. For further information relating to disability services please click the NHS link.

Forth Valley Sensory Centre also provides a programme of added value services including a wide range of social groups and activities for people with a sensory impairment.  Our aim is to continue to develop our services to help sensory impaired people to live as independently as possible.


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