Forth Valley Sensory Centre

Feedback from Centre Users

Coming to the Sensory Centre I’ve learnt so many new skills which have helped me to overcome many challenges and encouraged me to participate and be part of my community again. Lawson Eades Centre User

Coming to the Centre has been life changing for me and my family and has been instrumental in my everyday life, it has helped me to gain back my independence and self-believe. Lawson Eades Centre User

Over the years I’ve made some wonderful friends and together we have all grown in confidence Lawson Eades Centre User

Great- Love it! Would miss it if it was gone. Meals are good and the people get along. Nice to get out and have a social life. Like when musicians come in. Games are always fun. VI Group

The group has changed her and her son’s life; I look forward to meeting other parents and the benefits of the support I receive from other members. I’ve also established friendships and meet up with others out with the group Karen Procek, Parent, Play & Chat

Siblings can feel isolated and embarrassed by the actions of their brothers/sisters and can be subjected to bullying and teasing Play & Chat parent

Play and Chat Falkirk has created a safe space for us both, it’s become a really important part of our lives. The sensory room offers Ava a calm environment where she can explore noise and textures safely. It encourages her interest and develops sense awareness.’ Play & Chat grandparent

As a parent with a child with complex ASN my world feels very isolated at times. Despite being involved with a range of professionals they don’t really understand the daily demands and challenges of my life, sometimes I feel they just don’t ‘get it Play and Chat Parent

I come to the Centre every Friday for computer lessons. I started coming to the centre 5 years ago. They make you feel so able because you are so restricted with your sight. Supernova is fantastic. Nancy Aitken Centre User

I like to come to the Centre and look forward to meeting up with friends Jane McGrady Centre User

Forth Valley Sensory Centre is a really good place to come and socialise. Alex Walker Centre User

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