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Falkirk roadworks nearing an end

Improvements to paving and walkways in Falkirk Town Centre are nearing an end following a £1.7million investment by Falkirk Townscape Heritage Initiative. The roadworks have been ongoing for 12 months but good news is the end is near!

The final roadworks are now underway and Centre Users with sight loss will be especially pleased to hear that tactile paving, removed during the works to Newmarket Street, is to be replaced.

Work begins on Thursday 21st June and is scheduled to take three weeks. It is being undertaken by contractor Maclay Civil Engineers.

In the last year, Cow Wynd, Vicar Street, Manor Street and Newmarket Street have all been improved. New pavements have been added along with new roads and signs in keeping with the town heritage. In addition, plaques have been placed at key locations in these throughfares as points of interest.

The tactile paving in Newmarket Street has been removed as part of these roadworks but is now to be replaced. Jacquie Macarthur, Economic Development Officer for Falkirk Council apologised for the inconvenience caused but hoped everyone, including Centre Users would appreciate the improvements.

She said: “The council is very grateful for the patience and support from the businesses, residents and shoppers in the town during the improvements.

“We have worked hard to communicate and work with all the affected parties to reduce, where we could, disturbance. We hope that this project, along with all the other great work that is going on in the town, helps make Falkirk a destination for business, tourism, shopping and living.”

This last section of works will be done in two phases in order to keep crossing points open.

Person using a long cane on tactile paving highlighting the replacements to be made by these roadworks

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