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Energy Saving Accessibility

We are looking at Energy Saving Accessibility! Specifically, making sure that advice and information about reducing energy use, and lowering your carbon footprint to save money and have a warmer home is accessible to people with sight or hearing loss.

We’d like to know if this is an issue you have experienced. Do you struggle to heat your home through winter? Do you worry about your energy bills? Or, do you simply want to be as efficient as possible and help Scotland towards its climate change targets?

Whatever the reason, having a sight or hearing condition could make it much harder to access the right information on Energy Saving when you need it. We’d like your experiences please! Even if this is something you have never considered, we’d be keen to understand why this is or if your sensory condition is one of the things that has put you off trying to find information.

We’ve developed a quick survey which you can access here. What’s more, if you leave us your email address, we’ll enter you into a draw for a £10 voucher to spend in our Cafe!

Do please share the link with friends and family. The more results the better. Feel free to tag us on social media, @FVSensory Centre.

Radiator signifying Energy Saving

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