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Big Wave hits Sensory Garden!

Thanks to the generosity of Glasgow artist Tom Allan, a ‘Big Wave’ has hit the Sensory Garden at Forth Valley Sensory centre in Camelon. Tom has kindly donated his sculpture; “Wave:Vortex” to the garden for public display.

Trained at Glasgow school of art amongst others, Tom is well known in Scotland and is regularly commissioned for international pieces. The donation was made possible through The Sculpture Placement Group and their adoption scheme which matches community groups and other organisations with art currently in storage that is of public interest.

Forth Valley Sensory Centre Manager Jacquie Winning said:
“We are delighted that Tom has chosen to let us provide a new home for Wave:Vortex. It is a striking piece but more importantly, is very tactile. The carved surface and shape make it a perfect piece for those who have limited of no vision to enjoy the work through touch.

“The piece will take pride of place in our Sensory Garden and we hope that people from across Forth Valley will make the journey to see and interact with the work.”

Making a Wave

The sculpture is Italian marble on a granite base and Tom was inspired to create the piece after watching the seas around Scotland.

Tom Allan explained:
“From the top of a cliff on the Moray coast, I watched waves breaking far below. They seemed to be in slow motion from that distance, and solid rather than liquid. For this sculpture I imagined a cross-section through such a wave. The rough grooves convey the movement of water inside the wave, making a powerful circular force, a vortex.

“The sculpture is on a granite base, and is carved in Carrara marble. I sourced the marble from the workshop I use regularly in Carrara, near the famous quarries.”

Following a visit to Forth Valley Sensory Centre, Tom gave his approval to the adoption of the Wave:Vortex stating:
“I was intrigued by the proposition form Forth Valley Sensory Centre that the art would not only be on public display and cared for but also that it would be appreciated from feel and texture as well as visual aesthetics. I have visited the Centre and I am delighted to donate this piece to the Sensory Garden where it can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Forth Valley Sensory Centre works with people of all ages who have hearing or sight loss and has a sensory garden which is open to the public 9am-5pm each weekday, where Wave:Vortex is in residence. In addition to the garden, the Centre boasts a social enterprise café and hosts many groups and classes to support deaf, hard of hearing, blind and partially sighted people across Forth Valley.

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