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Supporting Deaf Awareness Week 2018

This week, 14th to 20th May is Deaf Awareness Week 2018. As a place for those with hearing and or sight loss Forth Valley Sensory Centre is proud to support this initiative.

We have various groups and classes taking place over Deaf Awareness Week as usual and a couple of things next week too. We also have our usual groups and classes on for people with sight loss as well so do check out What’s On at Forth Valley Sensory Centre.

Monday 14th – Lip Reading Class 6pm – 8pm. This class has a waiting list it is so popular. 70 per cent of those over 70 have some form of hearing loss so it is no wonder that people need help to maintain their confidence and independence.

Wednesday 16th – Lip Reading Support Group 10am – 12pm; a group of peers coming together to help improve their lip reading skills.

Wednesday 16th – BSL OAP Group; our weekly meeting for Deaf people across Forth Valley.

Thursday 17th – Carers Wellbeing Project 12pm – 2pm Free for carers and cared for people with sensory (including hearing) loss in Falkirk. Lunch included! If you care for someone with a sensory condition, or you have sensory or hearing loss yourself and care for someone, come along for free, make new friends and get great advice from professionals on making the most of your wellbeing.

Friday 18th – Deaf Club; our weekly deaf club, Friday night from 7pm

Coming up next week:

Monday 21st – The Talk and Sign Group visit The Kelpies from 6pm with a specially signed tour.

Wednesday 23rd – Voices Off Café from 11am; learn BSL from Deaf people for free! Get a hot drink (suggested donation 50p) and learn BSL with our volunteer interpreters and local deaf people.

You can add your support for Deaf Awareness Week on Twitter with the hashtag #DAW2018 or #DeafAwarenessWeek and keep up with all the news and announcements over the next few days. Follow our friends at the Scottish Council on Deafness (ScoD) @deafscotMedia as well as our partner Action on Hearing Loss @hearinglossSCO

Action on Hearing Loss also have some great free resources for Deaf Awareness Week which you can access here

We also spotted a great wee notice for people on the London Underground today from @allontheboard. Some top tips and great points made:

Poster for Deaf Awareness Week 2018 which includes advice and tips.

Text begins with the Mark Twain quote and reads:

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can also see.

“Don’t let communication barriers cause isolation and depression or exclusion from society.

“People say love is blind but love is also deaf.

“You can’t just tell someone you love them, you also have to show it, signs are to eyes what words are to ears, like a chorus to a song or rhymes to a poet.

“Please be deaf aware and show that you care, by using some helpful tips; don’t look away or cover your mouth, if someone is reading your lips.

“Have the attention of the person before you start to speak, places with good lighting are best for a conversation; use plain language, normal lip movements and facial expressions.

“Signing is an awesome form of communication.

“If the person doesn’t understand, then try a different way, don’t ever say ‘it’s nothing to worry about’; keep your voice down because it is uncomfortable for hearing aid users if you talk far too loud or shout.

“We had body language before we had speech, hands can be mouths and eyes can be ears, even though they can’t hear, deaf people can do anything, from facing obstacles to conquering fears.

“Sign language comes in handy, when the hearing world listens, life can be so great; we can make big changes to people’s lives and the way we communicate.”


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