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We recently wrote to everyone on our newsletter and communications database about the new General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR which start 25th May.

GDPR is really important. It offers more protection for you as an individual and places a lot of responsiblity on organisations like ours to make sure we only use data in the way we say we will.

To that end, you have no problems. We never spam you and we never share your information with anyone else. We’d love more people to sign up for our newsletter and event alerts, it is a really easy way to stay in touch with what is happening here at Forth Valley Sensory Centre.

Consumer Group Which? have a great guide here for anyone with sight or able to use a screen reader. It covers all the key facts in a very simple and easy to follow way. Importantly, the new law applies to you as a citizen and charges can be brought against any company which mistreats your data, no matter where they are based. You have a right to be forgotten. If you ask someone to remove you from a mailing list and they don’t then you have a recourse in law.

The British Deaf Association also have a BSL Guide on their Facebook page here, for members of the deaf community.

If you have any questions about GDPR or the way we use your data, or you would like to sign up for our quarterly newsletter, please contact us!

A house made to look like a safe representing personal data and the new GDPR laws

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